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The writing workshops for me was an awakening to the spirit of creativity within us all. Jacqueline understands the writers' frustrations only too well. She is truly encouraging and inspires you to express your ideas freely. Pure magic! 

James Brennan, writer and actor

Not only did Jacqueline's professional experience shine through, but also her warmth and I felt really held, supported and believed in. These workshops changed my life and sprung me into my creative potential, confidence and full power. 

Lisa Bolitho, puppeteer


Jacqueline makes you feel comfortable and safe. She explains how to free up creativity by focusing on what works about your writing. Her workshops are fun and informative and have given me confidence to say things my own way. She is great at explaining stuff and knows all the writing tricks. Brilliant. 

Mark T, music producer and songwriter

Jacqueline's workshops bring your imagination into the here and now. Suddenly, the thing you've been meaning to write is appearing on the page before your eyes. It's a brilliant feeling. 

Christina Petrie, writer


Jacqueline's workshops have been a hub of creative magic. Coming together with all sorts of people gave us the opportunity to use writing as a tool to access our own individual forms of creativity. Jacqueline encouraged me to use one of the simple exercises to write a song and, lo and behold, I have written one of my favourite songs yet. This showed me that I don't have to wait for that Aha moment to receive a song - I can access it through intention. 

Amy Grima, singer, songwriter

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